My name is Cloé. I love fashion, staying fit, healthy and being happy! You probably landed on this blog because you want to get more trendy or feel like you aren’t expressing yourself enough through your clothes. This blog is going to help you get through life in a fashionable and smooth way. It’s hard to keep up with fashion sometimes, but with the help of this blog it will feel like a piece of cake! I am helping you guys out with new trends,  travel inspiration, essentials, fashion, food etc… I also share recepies and lifestyle tips to help all of you to achieve your life goals. You know the days were you stand in front of your cupboard and stare at it for ages, and say to yourself “WOW, I’m really bad at this!”. It’s fine everybody has those days. You might think “WHY is Fashion so complicated and expensive!”. Well to tell you the truth it doesn’t have to be, simple is better exactly like less is more! Or those days where you tell yourself ” I’m gonna start eating healthy.” Hahahha and then it never happens. Well I’ve got the motivation for you to start looking and living the life of YOUR DREAMS. Fashion is like a hobby for me. So I decided why not make a blog to help share my love of fashion and tips with the people around me. I am going to help you say “You know what, it isn’t as hard as I thought is was.”

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