Summer in Saint-tropez

This summer I spent 6 days glamping (glamorous camping) in the south of France (Côte D’Azur). It was honestly a lot of fun, and extremely relaxing. If your looking for a stress-free easy going holiday by the beach, this is the place to go.

Plane ride to 'Nice'

DAY 1:

My family and I took the car from outside of ‘Zurich’ to ‘Basel Airport’, which took around 2 hours. From there we took the plane to ‘Nice Airport’ in France, once we arrived we collected the rental car we had rented, and drove all the way to the south of France. We stayed in ‘Ramatuelle’, which is literally a 10min drive from ‘Saint-tropez’, in a little lodge right at the beach at a resort called “TOISON D’OR”. I would highly recommend this resort if your planning a trip to the south of France, as the community was very friendly and the service was always top quality. I really loved this resort, because there was such a variety in the houses/lodges. You can either be close to the beach in a lodge, or if you prefer being a little closer to the resort’s pool and gym you can settle in a loft or cottage; however if you want more luxury there’s always the paradise which is surrounded by exotic gardens, ornamental waterfalls and rocks. There’s something for everyone. Check out they’re website for more details: Click here


Once we settled down all we could think of was food. We still hadn’t gone shopping for food, so we decided to go have a bite at the beach restaurant in the resort.


DAY 2:

We were able to eat breakfast at the lodge, as there is a very convenient super market within the resort, and then headed to the beach. The water was very refreshing and the golden sand was nice and gentle. It was always fun just to see people take walks along the beach, and watch the big boats park.

After a good few hours at the beach, we took the car and drove to Saint-tropez, it was honestly a hop. We watched the huge boats park. Then we took a stroll around the old part behind, and came across busy restaurants, art galleries, small cafe’s etc… Before we left we just had to get some of that famous delicious ice cream at the ‘Barbarac’ stand.


DAY 3:

Like any other day, we had breakfast and jumped straight into our swimming suits, grabbed our beach bag, and went to the beach. After taking a long walk across the beaches, and tanning in the sun we decided to do something.

We drove to ‘Cogolin’, this is where they make beautiful pipes. We visited the very famous “Fabrique des Pipes de Cogolin”. After that we took a stroll around Cogolin just to see what it was like. Then we passed by the factory where they make ‘Les Tartes Tropézienne’, these are famous tarts of this region. We got mini bites just to taste them, and let me tell you, THEY WERE DELICIOUS! After that we visited a furniture store, and on the way found colorful Vespa’s. Went back to the lodge, and had dinner there.


DAY 4:

Today we hung around the lodges for a while, had a late breakfast outside at our lodge…and of course rushed to the beach! We basically stayed there the entire day…until we decided to wash all that sand off and get some dinner. We ate an outstanding dinner at this place called “Pomme de pin”. It was absolutely beautiful sitting outside with a full moon above you. The service was very friendly, and the food was just perfect.


DAY 5:

Today, same routine, eat, then beach. I must say, the beach was great…not too crowded, but still some action. We had gone the week right before holiday season started, and that’s where it really starts to get full.

After being in the sun for quite a while, we went back to our little lodge, got dressed, and had lunch at the famous “CLUB 55”. For more info: Click here What an experience. Having your bare feet dug into the soft sand, while having an amazing meal. I mean not a lot of people get to experience that. The food…again was impeccable.

Since today was our last day to enjoy the salty water, we agreed to go again. For dinner, we were so happy with yesterday’s place, price wise and quality wise that we chose to go there again for dinner.


DAY 6:

Today was our last day here at the Côte D’Azur, we woke up early to go visit the market. It was quite a nice uphill hike to get there. They were selling everything from, jewelry, to soaps, to clothes, till herbs & spices.

After that it was time to say goodbye, we headed back to the airport, returned our rented car, and hopped on the plane back to Basel. From there took the car to Zurich were we rented a ‘Vision Apartment’ to stay in.


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