How to get fit

Have a to do list for each week:

I absolutely love ‘TO DO-LISTS’, I’m starting to contemplate how my life used to work without them. I find that they really help display the tasks you need to get done visually. You can either do them on your phone or in a planner. Personally I use both methods; however taking a list on your phone is really helpful. The great thing about using your phone, is that you can set a date and a time for you reminder to go off. This is a perfect way of getting your workouts in, or reminders on things such as ‘drink water!’.IMG_8693.PNG

Schedule in workouts at least 3 times a week:

Yes, we all are busy people, and we all sometimes feel like we do not have time to fit in workouts in our daily schedule. The key is to just do it…like this you’ll spend less time debating on whether you can actually fit in a workout with your busy life. Three is the perfect amount of days in a week you should be spending on working out…I’m going to be honest here, there are those weeks were you might just be able to fit in one or two workout sessions, and there are other weeks where your feeling extra motivated and energized to the point where your able to fit in six days of working out. Just remember sometimes you’ve just got to take time out of your busy life and start making time to work on yourself.

Drink lots of water, but there are ways to making it more enjoyable:

Sometimes we can just get bored of water…and that’s when we tend to reach out for unhealthy options such as a fresh glass of sprite, or even a cup of cranberry juice. Yes, all these drinks have tons of sugar in them, but how can you avoid them? First of all, don’t even think about walking through the drinks alley at the supermarket, other than for water. Secondly, you can spice up your water pretty easily.

There was a peak with this trend in 2016 -“Detox Water”; however it never get’s old. It makes your water taste 10x better, and this prevents you from reaching out for the canned drinks. Detox water doesn’t only look amazing, but it also has so many benefits that come along. Your skin will thank you, as it will be hydrated like never before. It also boosts your immune system and cleans out harmful toxins. Without adding sugar, and opting for substitutes such as mint leaves it helps to aid with your digestion. Yup I did do some research there, cause I basically just drink it for those snapchat pics.


Always have fruit around the house:

Fruit has so many benefits on its own…and no, I’m not going to ramble on about how good it is for your body, as you probably already know that. Let’s say your looking for a snack, just dice up some fruits and make a mini fruit salad, it’s that simple, and it keeps you full for that much longer than those Pringles laying in the kitchen. Here’s a trick, if your reaching out for a snack, ask yourself this one question…”Would I eat an apple?”. If the answer to that is a “No”…then your probably just bored and scouting for something that can satisfy your boredom…haha this is a major problem for loads of people.

Actually enjoy the activities you do:

You might not be a gym person, and prefer other options such as: swimming, biking with friend, running with your dog, hiking etc… These activities are great as it doesn’t even feel like exercise. If your getting bored of the gym like atmosphere why not take the same challenges outdoors- go to the beach and do a couple sets of suicides, swing by your local park and use the playground to build a power tower. This spices up your normal workout routine, as well as motivates you to exercising.

Blast that Music:

Invest in some good headphones/earphones and play that workout music. I really recommend beats, they are of great quality and project outstanding sound. Even if your feeling demotivated have it blasting in the house and you will automatically start moving. I recently started using apple music…it has completely changed my life. It works with cellular data too, so that means that you can search for a song and play it right away. The great thing about apple music is, is that they already have pre made albums ex: ‘gym’, ‘chill’, ’80’s’ etc… When you find your beat you can right away download your favorite songs and play them without any connection at all. All you have to do is pay yearly, they even include a 3 months free trial… if your not impressed, just drop it.


Start off with a delicious nutritious breakfast:

I either opt for something like oatmeal toped off with some fruit ( find my recipe on my oatmeal breakfast post), however if i’m feeling more like something savory I go for  eggs with avocado and some greens. My choice highly depends on the season and obviously my mood, as if it were summer I would maybe prepare myself a HUMUNGOUS FRUIT SALAD, but on a winter morning I might indulge in some delicious banana pancakes.


Look up recipes:

Food is the best part of being fit, get yourself a healthy cookbook, or search up some healthy recipes online. This can not only give you inspiration, but it also motivates you into eating healthier. There are so many alternatives out there, for example: you feel like having an ice cream- why don’t you just make your own. At least now you know what your actually eating- replace that cream with a frozen banana and pop it into your blender, or don’t add sugar, but instead honey or maple syrup to seven it up. Like this you can flavor your ice cream with whatever you want: peanut butter, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, crushed pistachios etc…

By preparing clean foods at home, cooking will be a piece of cake, as well as a habit. This doesn’t only minimize the costs of ordering food or going out to restaurants, but it also provides you some time to figure out what you really like. If your a person that loves to socialize and does this by going out for lunches with you friends, just pick a healthier option next time. Like this you’ll feel much less guilt when your ordering that dessert.



Start loving smoothies:

Invest in a good blender, like that it’s almost a motivation to go fix yourself some smoothies. It’s a great way to get all your nutritions and healthy fats in a drink, as for example if you don’t really like certain greens you can throw them in the blender in small quantities. Like this you won’t even be able to taste them, but still get the benefits. Plus it’s super handy on those on-the-go days. If you want you can even add some protein powders to get some extra protein to support your workouts. Smoothies are great post and pre workout snacks, as they give you tons of energy, and fill you up for the next few hours.



Dark chocolate is going to be your best friend:

First of all, I really LOVE dark chocolate, especially the ‘Lindt’ one with salt, plus I mean I’m Swiss…so you’ve got to believe me..right? hahah. Dark chocolate is not that bad for you! You have probably heard this one before, but it is true, and if you’re not so the dark chocolate fan…that’s fine too, cause they’ve got tons of different strengths. I usually go for 70% as I still want to enjoy the chocolate, but they have plenty of other options.



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  1. Corinne says:

    Cloé you are so inspiring! I enjoy reading your blog. Keep posting.


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