How to treat dry hair

Hey guys…so today I wanted to talk about dry hair. I have experience, yes…it definitely sucks. Last year I dyed my hair, and I was so not prepared for the hassle that it caused. And adding onto that, I live in a very dry country…and that made the whole problem even worse. It really isn’t fun…but along that way I picked up some great products that helped me replenish my hair, and get it looking great again.

Tip #1:

Use some sort of oil replacement before you sleep and in the morning. Apply it onto your tips to really give back some “Love”! I mean comon, your hair goes through so much ex: hair ties. Ups. Even though oil replacement products should be applied onto damp hair, I figured it still did the trick. Anyway I have here my two favorite oil replacement products. The first one is called “coconut water” by the brand ogx. It is purely an oil, so I recommend using this in situations such as like after a day at the beach, because this product does get everywhere…I mean it is an oil. I would not recommend using this product on days where your hair is oily, as this would just worsen the situation.

The second product is called “oil nutritive” by Schwarzkopf. I must say this is probably my favorite product out of all of them, it isn’t an oil like the coconut water, instead it is a creamy consistency and it doesn’t leave your hands feeling oily. This one contains 8 different oils, and that keratin. I must say, I use this product on a daily basis, and I’ve realized that it even gets rid of that frizz. It really is a mess free product, and works like wonders!

Tip #2:

Do not use too much heat on your hair, yup you’ve probably heard this one a billion times. Just try to do hairstyles that do not consist of using a straightener or a curling wand. Also try to minimize blow drying your hair, let it air dry, it does take time, but it reduces damage of the hair.

Tip #3:

Make sure that you give your self time every 2 weeks to do a hair mask. I recently got these two masks, and they are amazing! They leave your hair feeling soft and lookin shiny! Not only do they do that, but they also get rid of that dry frizzy hair texture. The first mask is by L’Oréal, and it’s called “Oil extraordinary”. This one is especially for dry damadged hair; therefore it’s rich with 6 intense oils. The second mask is by amika, and it’s called “Nourishing mask”. This mask is made for all hair types…so even if your hair isn’t that dry, this mask would be a great option. Plus, look at that AWESOME packaging, doesn’t it make you happy? Haha just kidding. Sadly these two masks are on the more pricey side…but definitely worth it.

Tip #4:

Make sure to get regular hair trims, cause nobody has time for split ends. Trimming your hair will not only get rid of damaged hair, but also help hair growth and keep that hair looking great.


Give these products a try, and make sure to treat yourself with the best products.


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