10 ab exercises to get a six pack

Your probably like “Where’s my six pack, I’ve been working my butt off, and the results are so minimal!”. Well…I’ve got your back, cause right here right now, I’ve got the 10 best moves to get you to that six pack you’ve dreamt of having…for who know’s how long.

Heal touches:

This is a great move to get those muscles warmed up. I like starting with this one as it doesn’t involve too much tension for it being the first move.

Crunches with leg lift:

Yes I said it, the regular crunch so simple but so effective, but this time we add in the legs. Adding in the legs turns the regular crunch into a more challenging move. This move works on strengthening your upper abdominal muscles.

Bicycle crunch:

For this move you’ve really got to make sure you are lifting up, as this makes sure your abs are getting it’s work done. When you feel the burn it means that your just a tad bit closer to getting that six pack.

Leg raises:

This is a very common move, which focuses on the lower abs. There are a couple of different variations of this move such as ‘scissor kicks’ or ‘fluter kicks’. The lower you go with your legs, the more challenging it gets. Make sure that your back doesn’t come off the ground, to ensure this I like to place my hands right below my lower back.

Mountain climbers:

The good thing about this move is that it’s a full body workout. You can either do this move slowly and more controlled to define those abs. Or fast to get some cardio in there too, which will help burn some fat.

Russian twist:

This is an exercise that can be done with weights or without. If your just starting, and it seems a bit challenging…perfect, keep working. If your getting a bit bored of the move, add in a weight and it will make all the difference. By lifting up your feet from the ground it will increase the intensity flowing through your abs.

Holding a v-sit:

The further down you go, the harder it get’s. Start challenging yourself! For this move I recommend timing yourself, and setting yourself goals.

Standing plank with twist:

This move is the one that gives you those nice strong obliques on your sides. Adding the twist adds a lot more pressure to the exercise.

Oblique crunches:

This is the one that creates that nice side sculpting of the stomach. When it’s done right, the results can be noticed quite fast. I must admit…this is one of my favorite!

Plank variations:

Ending with a regular plank, and side planks on the left and right side, wraps everything up. It does this as it works on every single ab muscle in your core. Try holding this move as long as you possibly can, that is how you will get the most out of it. Time yourself so that you can set yourself goals, and track your progress.


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