How To Start ‘Eating Healthy’ Now

These past few years, Iv’e realized that people are really struggling to eat healthy. Not only   that, but also keeping their food plan consistent. OF CAURSE you can have those cheat days, I mean ‘Live a Little’ right?! If your one of those people, don’t stress…It’s so much easier than you make it. Once you get the hang of it, it basically becomes a habit. Anyway it’s 80 % diet and 20% exercise, I think that’s a win win situation.

Honestly…forget about all the vitamins and mineral supplements you can find at the store. First of all, these supplements are on the expensive side. Second of all, you can get all those nutritions you need from only your diet.

Having a balanced diet is so very important in life. Plus, there are so many benefits of eating healthy:

  • Better skin
  • Impacts you positively for physical and mental health
  • Keeps you in a happier mood
  • Prevents diseases
  • Immune system gets stronger
  • Boosts your energy
  • Makes you live longer
  • Increases productivity
  • Helps your brain to think

How do I do it?

Know how much- Take a look at the food pyramid, it will give you an idea of how much of what type of foods you should intake daily. Have fruits as a snack, other than that snickers bar your craving so badly.

Water- Drink tons and tons of water…yes your probably sick of this one, but it is definitely  true. Replace that can of coke you have everyday with a glass of lemon infused water.

Don’t have it there in the first place- If your trying to start eating healthy, get rid of those cookies in you secret snack cupboard. Stop buying all the things you know are not the healthiest option. If you don’t have them in your house in the first place, you won’t have a problem procrastinating.

Say no to Processed-If you go to the store and find a bunch of random words on the label of a packet of chips. That’s means don’t buy it.

Dark chocolate – If your craving something sweet opt for dark chocolate. Get used to the taste, because it’s going to be your best friend. Dark chocolate has a bunch of antioxidants, is high in iron, improves you blood flow, improves brain function.

Take it step by step- Let’s say you eat a donut every Monday and Saturday. For the first week take out that one donut you eat every Monday, and replace it with an apple. The next week replace the donut from saturday with strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. You get the idea right? Small changes like so, can really improve your diet.

You don’t always need meat- Try to only have meat once or twice a week, then the rest of the week can be filled with foods such as fish, vegetables and chicken breast. Plus eating less meat means saving the environment.

Eat more at home- Try to go out less, first of all it saves money, and also if you decide to cook and stay home, you know exactly whats in your food.

Research- Go find nice recipes, and work with what you’ve got. It doesn’t need to be some fancy gourmet instgramable recipe…cough* cough*, even though that would be very nice.




2 responses to How To Start ‘Eating Healthy’ Now

  1. The “don’t have it there at all” trick really does work! I stopped buying bags of crisps (potato chips depending on where you are) and I honestly don’t miss them! But when I had them I would go through 2-3 packs a day at work … even called them my actual lunch a few times. I’m an opportunistic snack-aholic so my only option is to not even go down that isle in the supermarket in the first place!


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