How I motivate myself to workout

Following fitness accounts-

I literally follow a bunch of fitness addicts on social media…hahah. It might be one saturday afternoon where I’ll be scrolling through my Instagram feed, and BAMMM there’s a women with a six pack on my screen, and the sooner you know it, I’ll be wearing my workout clothes.

Changing into workout clothes-

Even when I don’t feel like it, when I come home early from school I’ll change into some workout clothes and there’s a 90% chance that I’ll end up workout out.

Emotion memory-

I remember how I felt after I had completed my last workout, and how accomplished and happy I felt with my life.

Having a playlist-

If I really don’t feel like getting up and working out, having a nice upbeat workout playlist helps setting the mood before I eventually tell myself to do something productive.


Rewarding yourself-

Usually I will tell myself something like:”After this workout you can watch an episode of ‘Friends'” or “After you finish you can go make yourself a hot chocolate”. Things like this really do help to get you going.



Having a workout buddy-

Sometimes I’ll go workout with a friend, or me and my friend will text each other to see if we will workout at the same time. Even little things like so help boost your confidence in knowing that you can do this. Literally one time I ‘Skyped’ my friend and we were working out together hahah!

Buying new workout clothes-

This year I started off by buying a bunch of workout clothes to motivate myself for my goals in life. I feel that this trick really does work, and that you should all try it…psss: plus there’s some really cute workout clothes out there.

It’s trendy-

Remembering that working out and having a healthy lifestyle is fashionable, especially after seeing all of the fitness addicts on social media, works like wonders!

Making your own change-

Remember, you workout because you want to, and because it makes you feel great! For this you’ve got to work hard, because it ain’t gonna happen on its own. Plus, having that after guilt of knowing you didn’t workout is not fun to deal with.




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