Morning skincare routine


For this weeks blog I really wanted to talk about skin, and the products I use to keep it looking FRESH! I really think that taking good care of your skin is crucial, if your wanting to head in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. Of course, as they all say “Eating healthy is ‘key’ to getting that beautiful skin and, BLA BLA BLA BLA!”. WE GET IT!



-Sorry to admit it, but it really is the ‘KEY’ to getting that lushus looking skin.

-Dammit! I already ate a donut today, let’s start tomorrow.

-NAHH UHH, you starting ‘Right Here, Right Now’!

Yes…that is true. If you want to start eating healthy, I definitely recommend having a healthy breakfast. Not only because it’s the most important meal of the day, but also because that healthy start turns into a chain of reactions. Check out my blog on how I do my Oatmeal for breakfast-

I like to start off my day by waking up and washing my face with the EFFACLAR by ‘LA ROCHE POSAY’. Yes, it is on the more expensive side of products…but it definitely works like magic. I really like how the formula foams up nice and easily and how it’s very delicate on your skin. It works great for any skin type, and definitely helped me through some breakouts. 

As soon as I pat my face dry, I use this tonic by ‘Liz Earl’, it’s called the ‘Instant boost skin Tonic spritzer’. Iv’e never been a fan of tonics, but this year Iv’e kind of gotten obsessed over them. The fresh feeling this product gives is priceless. It contains naturally active ingredients such as: Aloe Vera, Calendula, rose-scented Geranium, cucumber and natural source of vitamin E. This product really revitalizes, soothes and tones for instant radiance.

After I do all that, I always make sure to moisturize…give that skin the love, massage that product in, work it, yeah! Am I getting too into it? Well anyway, the moisturizer I use is called HYDRAPHASE UV INTENSE LEGERE, this one has SPF 20 in it so that saves me a lot of work. It’s again by the same brand as my face wash ‘LA ROCHE POSAY’. Yes I do really love this brand, it works well with my skin, and keeps it glowing throughout the day, even though I live in a really sunny dry county.

As soon as those steps are done, I lather on some of the 8 hour cream lip protectant. I swear you guys, this lip balm is LIFE…yup that’s all I’m going say for that product.

Not only do I care about my face, but also about my body. I use the body shops body cream called ‘HAWAIIAN KUKUI CREAM’, it’s a Rich nurturing body cream that I lather on all over me. This stuff is a miracle, and also smells amazing. No wonder my friends say I have the softest skin ever.


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