How To Start ‘Eating Healthy’ Now

These past few years, Iv’e realized that people are really struggling to eat healthy. Not only   that, but also keeping their food plan consistent. OF CAURSE you can have those cheat days, I mean ‘Live a Little’ right?! If your one of those people, don’t stress…It’s so much easier than you make it. Once you get the hang of it, it basically becomes a habit. Anyway it’s 80 % diet and 20% exercise, I think that’s a win win situation. AdvertisementsRead more

How I motivate myself to workout

Following fitness accounts- I literally follow a bunch of fitness addicts on social media…hahah. It might be one saturday afternoon where I’ll be scrolling through my Instagram feed, and BAMMM there’s a women with a six pack on my screen, and the sooner you know it, I’ll be wearing my workout clothes.Read more

Morning skincare routine

AND I’M BACK WITH ANOTHER WEEKLY BLOG…BA BAMMM! For this weeks blog I really wanted to talk about skin, and the products I use to keep it looking FRESH! I really think that taking good care of your skin is crucial, if your wanting to head in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. Of course, as they all say “Eating healthy is ‘key’ to getting that beautiful skin and, BLA BLA BLA BLA!”. WE GET IT!Read more