Naked pallet 3 review

I recently got this pallet for Christmas, now I’m thinking how I lived without it! It’s literally LIFE! 

If you’ve got tan/darker skin, it’s the pallet for you! If you’ve got a lighter skin tone, then I would advise you to go look at the naked pallets 1 or 2. I say this, because those two pallets have lighter shades that will enhance the beautiful features better on lighter skin, than on darker skin.
I got my Pallet case designed by an artist as a present, I just find that this makes it even more unique than it already is. The lady was at the same booth as urban decay, so my mom asked her if she could personalize it with my name.

Yes it is an expensive product, but it’s definitely 100% worth it. The pigmentation is very strong, and each and every shade in the pallet can be mixed and matched with another. If you are looking for a pallet that can be there for you in the day and in the evening, it’s definitely this one. This pallet contains 12 shades, all evolving around the same tones. This makes it easier to work with the colors, since they can easily be blended.

The first 6 shades in this pallet are definitely more subtle than the next 6 shades. I really love these because they are the perfect nudes to have on the go. The pallet doesn’t just give you very unique and special colors, but also the staple colors, which are essential when starting out.

The last 6 shades work great for evening looks just as well as day looks. These shades are more defined; therefore make more of a statement. They also contain more shimmer in them than in the first 6 shades. Again they very pigmented, so that’s money well spent.

The colors last all day and working with them is really easy, even if you are a beginner in makeup and just starting out, this pallet is perfect. Not only do I like the shades…but i’m kinda also obsessed with the names, hahahah!


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  1. Corinne says:

    I love your blog Cloé! Every Friday I’m excited to see your new post. You’re very inspiring.
    A true fan 😉


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