Healthy Breakfast Idea

As they all say ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, well for me that sure ain’t a problem. I LOVE breakfast!!! I never ever skip it, but through the years I realized that I have always kept it healthy. I really enjoy the fact of knowing that I put something healthy into my system right from the start of the day. I will be sharing with you guys my TO-GO breakfast idea, if it ain’t ‘sunny side up eggs’ it’s this. This is how I make my Oatmeal, it’s quick, healthy and fast! What more do you want?


First of all Oat meal is great, because it keeps you full for a long, long time! Obviously this is my twist on the basic oatmeal recepie…but you have to give it a go.


-1/4 cup of quick oats- (this really depends on how much you would like- I usually eyeball it…but remember a little goes a long way, since it expands in the microwave.)

-Two tea spoons of chia seeds (optional)

-one tea spoon of mixed fibers (optional)

-half a tea spoon of cinnamon

-3/4 of a mashed ripe banana (keep the rest for toppings)

-Add as much honey as you like

Now this is the part where you can either add in Milk or Water, till it covers the surface of your oat mixture. Now pop it in the microwave, what I like to do is:

30 sec- then stir–30 sec–AND VOILA!!!!

-The toppings differ, depending at what season were at. Usually I opt for kiwi, strawberrys or bananas.
As a drink, I usually either go for green or black tea, or a freshly pressed orange juice.




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