Naked pallet 3 review

I recently got this pallet for Christmas, now I’m thinking how I lived without it! It’s literally LIFE!  If you’ve got tan/darker skin, it’s the pallet for you! If you’ve got a lighter skin tone, then I would advise you to go look at the naked pallets 1 or 2. I say this, because those two pallets have lighter shades that will enhance the beautiful features better on lighter skin, than on darker skin. I got my Pallet case designed byRead more

Healthy Breakfast Idea

As they all say ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, well for me that sure ain’t a problem. I LOVE breakfast!!! I never ever skip it, but through the years I realized that I have always kept it healthy. I really enjoy the fact of knowing that I put something healthy into my system right from the start of the day. I will be sharing with you guys my TO-GO breakfast idea, if it ain’t ‘sunny sideRead more

Winter fashion

I feel that winter is the perfect time to show off your great sense of style, and dress up all cute and cozy. This year I’ve decided that I’m going to use my Polaroid camera, I basically forgot that I owned one. It’s probably one of the best ways to capture memories, since I have started a travel journal, and have been sticking them in.Read more

The Best Lush Face Mask

Ok let’s get this straight… LUSH is da bomb! Haha get it,’bath bombs’. Why did I just say that? Anyways, lush provides us with a ton of organic and natural products, that is why most people opt for lush in the first place. They are famous for their ingredients and quality products. But to be honest whenever I walk into the store I am overwhelmed, not only because of the billion scents dancing past me, but also because there isRead more