What’s in my carry on?


IMG_6813.JPGDon’t you ever wonder what other people take with them in their carry on? Well I wanted to share with you what I take with me on the plane, these are some things I take with me on a plane for around a 5hour flight. Right now as I’m writing this post, I am flying from Egypt to Switzerland…yesss I am SOOO excited for the winter holidays. I love flying! I find it so fun, but for some of you that don’t fancy it so much…I’ve got some Essentials that can make your time pass by much smoother and faster.

First off, and most importantly, the BAG!!! My carry on is a ‘longchamp’, I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect size to fit my computer, and has more space than you expect it to have. It’s light, compact, never goes out of trend, and so durable. If you would ask me you wanted to buy a new carry on, I would definitely recommend this bag. It’s perfect not only for traveling but also for a city bag when you arrive at your destination. They vary from sizes and have exclusive colors, and they come out with special editions almost each month.

Now for what I have inside:

-Obviously the necessities documents and passports, because you can’t get anywhere without these.
-Then I always bring a book to read, right now I’m reading ‘The accidental life of Jessie Jefferson’.

-I bring my laptop, mainly for entertainment and work, I like downloading movies off iTunes so it keeps me busy while I’m up in the air. Let’s admit it, it can get quite boring UP there. But if your only going for a small trip, an iPad or tablet could do the trick.

-My phone mainly for music, or some addictive games…hahah.

-I’m planning to start a travel journal so I brought that with me so it wouldn’t get damadged if I put it in the suitcase.

-To go along with that I brought my Polaroid camera and some filters. I’m planning on taking some pictures to fill the travel journal. I don’t always take my Polaroid camera with me, but I thought Christmas would be the perfect occasion.
– Then I bring a separate little pouch, to fill with some small loose objects like: perfume samples, lip balm (Nivea with SPF ..but I usually go for burts bees), lip gloss (Sephora in the color ‘Rosy Glow’), Hand Creme (I always go for Nivea), some cash, and things like gum and mints.
-GOTTA HAVE THAT SNACK!! I went for a snickers bar…cause come on it’s the holidays.

-I always hook a hand sanitizer to my bag, to keep them germs away.



– Some headphones to jam out to those songs, and listen to movies.

-I always have pens with me, it becomes useful when filling out forms.
-Can’t forget scarfs and warm fuzzy socks!

– I always take my sunglasses with me too. I’m in love with my new Ray bans, I feel like the quality is so worth the price.

-I would advise you to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, because planes are very drying to your skin.

Yup…that’s basically it; therefore I like to keep it simple but convenient. Traveling is just one of the best ways to find yourself. Travel safely, comfy, and cozy!



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