What’s in my carry on?

  Don’t you ever wonder what other people take with them in their carry on? Well I wanted to share with you what I take with me on the plane, these are some things I take with me on a plane for around a 5hour flight. Right now as I’m writing this post, I am flying from Egypt to Switzerland…yesss I am SOOO excited for the winter holidays. I love flying! I find it so fun, but for some ofRead more

Christmas baking

Honestly…if you ask my mom on how I act during the end of October start of November, she will damn straight tell you “She’s in a crazy Christmas frenzy”. She told me that I go ‘NUTS’¬†start of November, and that I’m annoying everybody with my Christmas music. Hahahah… It’s funny because right at this moment I am listening to Christmas music! Now Christmas baking is something I always look forward to. I always bake cookies for Christmas, I feel likeRead more